Friday, May 27, 2011

MAC - Surf Baby Eyeshadows

Check out the new summer collection from MAC! Gorgeous, right? Unfortunately there are a LOT of shades in here that I simply can't pull off, but I think they'll be stunning on tanned or less pink-toned skin! The entire collection is inspired by summer beach colours - coral, turquoise, warm bronzer and pale shimmer. If you concentrate really hard you can almost hear the waves hitting the beach, right?

From this collection I only picked up two of the eyeshadows: Short Shorts (frost), which is a pale, shimmery highlight colour (it reminds me a little of Clair de Lune, only more spreadable) and Swell Baby which is a cool-toned grey - again easily blendable.Surf USA is on my "maybe" list - it's an absolutely gorgeous frosted turquoise that's surprisingly pigmented and easy to work with, I'm just not sure I'd use it enough to justify buying it! Sun Blonde is a very bright yellow-gold and Saffron is a bright coral - they both seemed a little chalky to me when I swatched them and I don't think they'd work well with my colouring.

The stacked pigments are gorgeous as well - also on my "maybe" list! A little glitter in some of them, but other than that they're as beautiful as you expect from MAC pigments and just as easy to work with as any of their others!

Packaging: 4.5/5
Product quality: 5/5
Worth the price? Yep.
Would I purchase again? Possibly, though I don't tend to use greys that much and the highlighter honestly isn't much different from their other similar shades - so I doubt I'll finish them very quickly!

Cruelty-Free? Yes - and appears on PETA's Cruelty-Free list.
Where to find it: MAC store or online.

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