Saturday, February 19, 2011

L'Oreal - HiP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner

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This is one of the few products, drugstore or otherwise, that I had a particularly bad experience with. This was the first cream liner I purchased, well before I converted to a MAC junkie! I was curious but didn't want to shell out the cash for an expensive brand. At the time, this was the only cream liner available in my local drugstores, so when it went on sale I decided to give it a try.

Big mistake. The product itself was alright - didn't go on as smoothly as MAC's, of course, but not impossible to work with. As usual, the brush that came with it was completely useless. I didn't get a chance to assess its staying power, however, because within a few minutes of applying it, my eyes were stinging and watering.

This might be okay for people with less sensitive eyes, but these days there are other drugstore cream liners on the market, so this wouldn't be the first one I'd try if I were you. Mine went in the trash after one use.

**Update - 2/6/2011
I have been doing a lot of research on companies that do and don't test on animals. On top of the general bad review of this product, L'Oreal, appear on PETA's list of companies who DO test on animals. I will not be purchasing anything from them or their subsidiaries in the future, and please bear this information in mind when making your own consumer decisions.

Packaging: 5/5
Product quality: 1/5
Worth the price? No. Cheap pricetag, worthless product.
Would I purchase again? No way.

Cruelty-Free? No. L'Oreal appear on PETA's list of companies who DO test on animals
Where to find it: Your local drugstore (if you still want to!). 

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