Friday, March 4, 2011

MAC's Back 2 MAC Recycling Program

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Are you a MAC-lover? Do you want to get free stuff - and help out the environment at the same time? Well you can. All you have to do is save your empty bottles, jars, tubes and packages. It's that easy. Once you've got six you can take them back to your local store for a brand spankin' new lipstick, lip gloss or eyeshadow!

Now you will probably need to do a little research about what your local store will take back. I have heard all kinds of feedback about it being inconsistent, etc., and I agree that it would be great if they had a list of exactly which products were and weren't eligible for B2M on their website (maybe as a little recycling icon on the page of each product that is eligible) and in the store. Mine will accept empty shadow containers (even if they don't have the metal pan - though I've heard some don't so you might need to buy some empty pans if you depot. They're cheap on ebay, though!), any containers from products that aren't limited edition and even the package from makeup remover wipes!

But even if all they accepted were eyeshadow containers or lipstick tubes, it would still be a wonderful program. That they offer recycling at all is a wonderful thing given the amount cosmetic containers that get thrown out, but that they also give the added incentive of providing free product - any free product - is just a bonus in my opinion! I am a huge fan and love being able to gather up my empties and get a treat every month or two!

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