Monday, April 8, 2013

Makeup Academy (MUA) - Undressed Palette

Makeup Academy is a great brand.You might not have heard of them over here in North America, because they're a UK drugstore brand, but trust me, you want to try them out. Because it's a little tougher to get my hands on them over here in Canada, I have only tried certain products in the range - but so far everything I have tried has been much better than I expected from a drugstore product.

That said, their eyeshadows really are the stand-out product for me. In fact, my all-time favourite eyeshadow is the MUA #11 Pearl (review to come). So believe me when I say that their eyeshadow palettes need to go on your wishlist - right at the top.

This particular palette may look a bit familiar to you if you have checked out the first Urban Decay Naked palette, because it's quite similar. It's not an exact dupe, but it's so close that if you have one, you really don't need the other. And this one is so much cheaper! 

I swatched these without a base, so the matte shades didn't show up well on my pale skin - but they do work much better with a primer under them. The shimmery shades have amazing colour payoff and it's an amazing mix of neutral shades that can create pretty much any look you want - day, night, natural, smoky - on nearly any skintone.

If you're in the UK or are into eBay shopping, I'd definitely check this one out - and they recently released a second palette that's similar called "Undress Me Too" - stay tuned for a full review of that one shortly!

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