Monday, December 27, 2010

Kat Von D - Rock 'N' Roll Palette

 Eyeshadow colours included (I think each colour is listed behind the corresponding pan, which is how it was done with other KVD palettes, so that is how I've done it here):
Believer - White w/glitter | Confessional - Nude pearl | Groupie - Irridescent purple | Motorhead - Black w/glitter

I actually got this palette for free as a Sephora 500-point bonus, which was an excellent deal! I actually really love the nude highlighter colour, which I think is called Confessional. It's got a lovely sheen to it and shows up really well. I don't use Believer or Motorhead much because of the glitter (I tend to think that sparkles past the teenage years are nearly always a bad idea, and it also often irritates my eyes), but Groupie is a lovely shae of purple that's great for shading when paired with a lighter shade.

I'm not sure if this is actually sold anywhere, but if you don't mind the glitter it's worth picking up. I love the case - not only the cool designs but the sturdy packaging and proper mirror - and you get a decent amount of each shadow. The downfall, as with any KVD palettes, is of course the brushes. I haven't found them to be useful and generally just toss them and use my own. Other than that, a great little kit!

Packaging: 5/5
Product quality: 4/5
Worth the price? Since mine was free I'm gonna go with hell yeah!
Would I purchase again? I don't think I would, just because I use it relatively infrequently and don't think it's likely I'll use it up.

Cruelty-Free? Not sure. I'm still looking into it.

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