Saturday, December 11, 2010

MAC - Colour 3 Quad

I love how all of these colours look in the pan and bought the palette thinking it would be excellent to accent the green in my hazel eyes. I ended up being quite disappointed with it. Mink Pink barely shows up at all and is only really useful as a blending colour. Bruised Plum I like, it is a nice shade to wear on days when I don't want to look like I'm wearing much makeup and brightens up my eyes, so this one I like. Black Tulip is very bright and though I've tried using it a few times, I usually pass it over for slightly less vibrant shades. I do like the colour, however, and think it would be a lot of fun for more dramatic looks. Jungle Moon is a bit too dry for my liking and I've had little success using it apart from lining the lashline. Overall out of this palette only Bruised Plum sees much use.

Eyeshadow colours included (top left to bottom right):
Mink Pink - Pale muted mauve (VX)
Bruised Plum - Mauved pink (VP)
Black Tulip - Bright irridescent purple (F)
Jungle Moon - Dark plum purple (M) 

As mentioned in my review of the Colour 4 Quad, I am not a huge fan of the new packaging from the standpoint of de-potting shadows. Though they look a lot nicer and are more sturdy than the old quads, they are also impossible to de-pot without melting the plastic casing and as such leave the palette completely destroyed. I liked popping the shadows out of the old quads but still storing them in their original configuration and only popping them out to carry with me for touch-ups. With the new packaging this isn't possible, which is quite disappointing. Please, please, MAC, start making easy lift-out shadow packaging!!!

Packaging: 4/5
Product quality: 3.5/5
Worth the price? If you think you'll use the colours more than I do, then yes. The quads are always a good deal as compared to buying individual shadows depending on how you like the colours included.
Would I purchase again? No.

Cruelty-Free? Yes - appears on PETA's Cruelty-Free list.
Where to find it: Limited Edition, so unfortunately you can't!

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