Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elizabeth Arden Gold Palette

Colours included (top left to bottom right):


Wheat - Beige fleshtone | Pink Petal - Shimmery light pink | 
Golden - Burnished gold | Apricot - Pale shimmery peach | Silvery Brown - Pewter | Silver - Dark blue/grey | Teak - Warm beige/brown | Jewel - Deep purple | Shadow - Dark dirty grey | Brown - Midtone brown | Teal - Deep greenish blue | Gold - Peachy gold

Sunblush - Tanned pink | Pink Mauve - Dusty pink

This palette came as part of a large red box of Elizabeth Arden goodies that I got awhile ago. The box also included two lipsticks, two eyeliners, two lipliners, a lip gloss palette and shimmer pressed powder.
My favourite eyeshadow shades from this palette are Silvery Brown, Shadow and Teal. The teal in particular is a unique shade, much darker and bluer than most teal eyeshadows I've seen. Most of them are quite neutral and easy to wear in the daytime. It's a nice little palette, and considering the amount of stuff that came in the box which was a gift with purchase, definitely a great deal!



Packaging: 5/5
Product Quality: 5/5
Worth the price? Since it was a free gift with purchase, definitely!
Would I purchase again? I may consider purchasing one or two of the unique eyeshadows individually once they are used up.

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