Saturday, November 20, 2010

MAC Paint Pot - Painterly

Shade Description:
Neutral pink

I absolutely love this shade. It can be worn alone or as a base/primer for those with fair/light skintones. Alone it will even out any variation in skintone and create a flawless natural eye (providing, of course, that it matches your skintone closely). As a primer it lasts all day, doesn't crease and allows shadows, pigments and even glitter to cling to its surface.

I discuss a comparison of this and Soft Ochre in the review for Soft Ochre here, but in brief this will provide a more natural look while Soft Ochre is lighter and the yellow counteracts pink undertones thus creating a more neutral, lighter base to show up true pigment of shadows applied on top. Paint pots are easy to work with, thick, slightly tacky when first applied and can be layered to create a more opaque finish. They do dry quite quickly and once they have dried are not workable - this is what makes them stick in place without creasing, but also means that if you want to blend a paint pot, you need to work quickly.

This is one of the most popular base shades for those with matching skin tones, for good reason. I like using this on more natural days or with pink-toned shadows. It's one I highly recommend for daily use.

Packaging: 5/5
Product quality: 5/5 (I almost want to give this one 6/5, I like it so much!)
Worth the price? Completely worth it, in fact I'd say that given the utility of the product, how little you need and how often it will get used, it's a steal.
Would I purchase again? Over and over.

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