Saturday, November 20, 2010

Smashbox Eye Wish Palette 2010

Eyeshadow colours included (top three rows, top left to bottom right): 
1 - Gold | 2 - Mauved pewter | 3 - Light beige nude | 4 - Pale Pink | 5 - Bronze | 6 - Dusty  rose | 7 - Bluish green | 8 - Slate grey | 9 - Gold bronze | 10 - Dark purple | 11 - Dark teal | 12 - Dark grey

Cream liner colours included (bottom row, L-R): 
13 - Dirty golden bronze | 14 - Purple | 15 - Dark bluish green | 16 - Dark grey

Mini Lash DNA

Mini Photo Finish Lid Primer

I've been a fan of Smashbox for years. I love their primer, their tinted moisturizer, eyeshadows, brow powders and cream eyeliner. So I always particularly look forward to their palettes and kits because they are always great quality and great value. This palette is no exception - and it's even better than last year. The individual eyeshadows and liners are larger and it includes a mascara sample as well as the primer.

I didn't notice until I swatched them side by side (see below), but the cream liners match the last row of eyeshado
w shades nearly exactly, which I like, particularly because one of my favourite tricks is to set cream liner with the same colour of shadow on top. This helps the colour to settle right into the lash line, blends it evenly so that any small wavering or mistakes are masked, and also ensures that it will last all day long.

One of the unique features of the Smashbox Eye Wish palettes is that they each come with an attached booklet of looks with paint-by-number, foolproof instructions. This year they have gone one better and made the guides a set of flashcards that fit into a windowed pouch to make following them even easier. The guide makes this a great gift for those who are still learning to apply makeup, and will lend some inspiration to everyone else.

I'd recommend picking this o
ne up for yourself or as a Christmas gift while it's still available, it'll be really fun to play with to create lots of fun, dramatic holiday looks!

Packaging: 4/5 (I'm not crazy about the gold crepey material they put on it this year, and it's too bulky to be portable)
Product quality: 4/5 (a few of the shadows are a bit too sheer and I've found that even layering doesn't make them show up as intensely as I would like, but there are only one or two of these, so overall the quality is great)
Worth the price? Definitely, these are a great deal and a wonderful way to try out some of Smashbox's best products in one go.
Would I purchase again? I think so, though since the size of each shadow/liner is so much larger this year I think it will last for quite awhile!

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