Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too Faced - Eyeshadow Insurance Policy Palette

Colours (top left to bottom right):
Full Frontal - Shimmery plum/burgundy | Glamazon - Shimmery beige w/ sparkles | Socialite - Shimmery copper w/ sparklesBoy Toy - Shimmery bubblegum pink | Skinny Dip - Indigo | Lucky Charms - Leaf green

The main reason I bought this palette
was because I was going to purchase the Shadow Insurance (not pictured) anyway after having heard great things about it, and figured for an extra 20 bucks, why not? It was definitely a good deal - the shadows are gorgeous and highly pigmented, and with the primer they stick with me all day long. I also like that there are three relatively neutral shades (Full Frontal is my absolute favourite) as well as some brighter shades that can be used for more dramatic looks. Not to mention that the Shadow Insurance turned out to be one of the best investments I've ever made and is now my go-to eye primer!


4/5 (I'm not a huge fan of book-cover palettes as they're flimsy and don't contain fallout if carried in a bag)
Product Quality: 5/5
Worth the Price? Absolutely.
Would I purchase again? I have already re-purchased the primer, but the shadows are lasting for quite a long time!

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