Saturday, November 20, 2010

Urban Decay - Alice in Wonderland Palette

Eyeshadow colours included (top left to bottom right):
Underland - Vibrant purple | Alice - Bright sky blue | Oraculum - Gold | Queen - Burgundy | Chessur - Bronze w/ glitter | White Rabbit - Frosted white w/ glitter | Wonderland - Muted green-gold w/ glitter | Curiouser - Mauve w/ glitter | Muchness - Peach w/ golden sheen | Mushroom - Brownish grey | Midnight Tea Party - Metallic dark beige w/ glitter | Vorpal - Dark silver | Absolem - Grass green | Drink Me, Eat Me - Soft light neutral pink | Mad Hatter - Nearly matte dark brown w/ gold microglitter | Jabberwocky - Nearly matte black w/ silver microglitter

24/7 Liner:
Zero - Black
Flipside - Bright blue

Urban Decay Primer Potion:
Original Mini

Urban Decay does it again - another fantastic palette with gorgeous colours and a great concept! The colours are incredible - bright, vibrant, and a great range. As always the palette is great value for money, and if you're a fan of the movie, you will have tons of fun re-creating some of the looks with the help of this palette! The bright blue eyeliner, Flipside, matches their blue eyeshadow of the same name, but like many of their 24/7 liners is an unusually bright shade for a liner. It is excellent for adding
just a pop of colour at the lash line if you want to stand out but don't want to go overboard.

Because of the diverse and intense colours in this palette, I think it would be great for anyone who enjoys creating really dramatic, over-the-top looks - particularly stage makeup. If you're a belly dancer or love doing it up when you go out on the town, this palette is a must-have.

Packaging: 4.5/5 (pretty but not portable)
Product quality: 4/5 (damn UD and that glitter)
Worth the price? Without question.
Would I purchase again? If I could!

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