Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Ludwig

Colours included (L-R):
Lucifer - True matte black | Orbi - Dark olive green | Dimebag - Light green | Tequila - Yellow beige | Clay - Peachy beige | Downtown - Shimmery toasted beige | Baroque - Bronze | Leather - Matte dark brown

Kat Von D's palettes are always appealing. They are sturdily made and have cool tattoo-like designs on the front that appeal to the rebel in all of us. Inside the lid is a large mirror made of real glass so you can actually use it to apply makeup or touchups, as opposed to the plastic mirrors in many compacts that warp and stain. Unfortunately, the brushes that come with the
palette are small, stiff and don't hold product very well at all.

I love the range of neutral colours in this palette and overall the shadows aren't bad quality, though don't have the staying power of some other brands. I found that I had to coat some of the colours to get them to show up strongly and they did fade a bit if worn all day long. By now you probably know how I feel about sparkles, which made Clay my least favourite since the pigment doesn't show up, only the little sparkles do. However I absolutely love Downtown on the lid with Baroque in the crease, and Tequila is a great highlighter.

As long as you've got some good brushes of your own, these palettes are a great deal!

Packaging: 5/5

Product Quality: 4/5 (for brush quality and overall staying power)
Worth the price? Cheap at it.
Would I purchase again? If I ever ran out, definitely.

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