Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MAC - In the Gallery Palette

Colours included (top left to bottom right):

  • Lightfall - Neutral fleshtone pink (S)
  • Look at the Eyes - Light mauve/purple (F)
  • In the Gallery - Dusty plum (M)
  • Private Viewing - Plum brown (M)

I have hazel eyes, so purples are
always a favourite. I like the variation of warm and cool tones in this palette, and also the fact that the colours are subtle enough to wear in daytime looks.

Lightfall is a great blending colour, it's only a shade or two darker than skintone and has warm pink undertones, however othe
r than that it doesn't show up very well. Look at the Eyes and In the Gallery are both nice and subtle but take some work to stand out. Private viewing is a lovely plum/red dark purple that works nicely to bring out the green in hazel eyes as a crease/lashline colour. Overall I think this is a great quad for those of us who don't to in for overly dramatic looks but enjoy a pop of colour.

Packaging: 4/5
Product Quality: 4.5/5
Worth the price? Yep, as long as you enjoy subtlety.
Would I purchase again? Probably not.

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