Saturday, November 20, 2010

Smashbox - Eye Wish Palette 2009

Eyeshadow Colours included (top left to bottom right of first three rows):
1 - Light nude pinky beige | 2 - Shimmery nude | 3 - Shimmery lemon | 4 - Light silver | 5 - Lilac | 6 - Light brown | 7 - Vibrant gold | 8 - Midtone grey | 9 - Dark plum | 10 - Green
| 11 - Fuscia | 12 - Dark steel grey

Cream liner colours included (bottom row, L-R):
13 - Purple | 14 - Bronze | 15 - Black | 16 - Navy Blue

Eye Primer:
Mini Photo Finish Lid Primer

This is a great palette. Honestly, I like it better than the 2010 version. The eyeshadows included are a wide range of shades, some bright, some more muted, and it also includes a lid primer and four shades of cream liners. I'm sure I'll do a separate review at some point, but I might as well mention now that I love Smashbox cream liners. They are easy to work with, smudge if you want them to, stay all day and come in a wide range of shades to go with nearly any look. Each palette I have of theirs has at least one shade I've never seen before, and this palette in particular has four wearable yet slightly different from the norm shades. I haven't found any other brand of cream liners that works anywhere near as well as these ones.

The shadows are great quality, last well and the look book that comes with the palette gives some great ideas for how to work with them and get creative. The primer is decent - it's not my favourite, but it does the job. It is slightly thicker than UDPP or Shadow Insurance so it does more to even out the skintone before applying shadow.

Packaging: 4/5 (not very portable and it seems like a lot of packaging for the amount of product)
Product quality: 4.5/5
Worth the price? Yes.
Would I purchase again? Perhaps, though a lot of these colours I don't use very frequently so it's unlikely I'll use them up any time soon!

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